How To Hair Chalk

So, you’ve bought our hair chalk and now you are wondering how to apply. Well, its pretty easy and after you do it once you will be creating all sorts of looks!

Each of our sets include 12 different coloured chalk pens such as pink, blue, purple, green, red and more. It is super easy to apply our hair chalk to yourself or have fun with friends and let them create the look for you!


Select your first colour from the pack.

Our model Jemma has selected pink hair chalk.


Begin applying chalk to wet or dry hair, gradually building up colour.

For darker hair you will need to spend more time building the colour than someone else with blonde hair.


Rock your look. Style your coloured hair easily after your chalk has been applied or simply brush through for a softer look.

Don’t worry if you get some of the chalk on your hands or clothes, it will wash right out! We can also guarantee it will wash out your hair in just one wash, perfect for the weekends or one off parties.

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Pixielots x